SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 18th     1pm to 4pm
Summer Village of Sandy Beach

Ski-Deuces Wild Family Festival

A wild combination of a family dance, indoor Gen.vs. Gen games, and an all-terrain race for the Ski-Deuces Wild trophy

The Wheels on the Bus

Hop on the CRAZY BUS at the Sandy Beach Day Park & sing-along for the short trip  to Trefoil House* ... bus runs from 12:50 to 4:15pm

*Trefoil House is restricted to OHV &  drop-off traffic only.  Parking available for accessibility vehicles.


Ski-Deuces Rally

Are you wild enough to jump on your ski-doo, quad or sidexside to race for your coommunity!.

Click HERE for Rider Rules of the Rally

Hot Potato &   Karokonuts

Wear your best sticky socks because this party's packed with intergenerational games, dancing & singing  ... and there's prizes too!



Membership has its privileges!
Besides supporting the community and getting to hang out with cool folks, membership will also get you a chance to win one of two fantastic door prizes donated by Onoway Bigway Foods!

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Pop Goes The Poudog

Ready for poutine & hot dogs!!
Enjoy a free* meal of hot dogs with your choice of cheese, onions or sauerkraut toppings, with a side of fries, or poutine

FCFS Limited availability

A Connecting & Engaging Community initiative supported in part by SV Sandy Beach & SV Sunrise Beach with funding from Family & Community Support Services (FCSS)